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Roulette is a very straight forward game to play. To play roulette online all you have to do is decide which bets you wish to place. There are 36 numbers on a roulette wheel, 37 with European style roulette including the single zero. And 38 on an American roulette wheel containing the single zero & the double zero.

Any one of these numbers 0, 00 or 1 - 36 will pay a total of 1-35. Meaning if you place 1 directly on a number you will recieve 36 return. 35 win + 1 stake. This is called a straight up bet. And is the biggest single win you can have on a roulette wheel.

There are 8 different possible combinations of bets when you play roulette. Ranging from evens 1/1 upto the 1/35 straight up bets. Check out the table below for the type of bets that are available when you play roulette online.

Standard American Roulette Layout

Roulette Play

Roulette Bets & Odds:

A). Straight up Bet - Pays 1/35. Place your chip directly onto the centre of a number.

B). Split Bet - Pays 1/17. Place your chip directly between 2 numbers.

C). Street Bet - Pays 1/11. Place your chip at the end of a row of 3 numbers.

D). Corner Bet - Pays 1/8. Place your chip on the corner of 4 numbers.

E). Line Bet - Pays 1/6. A line bet is like a street bet, but you cover all 6 numbers instead of 3.

F). Row Bet - Pays 1/2. A Row bet or Colum bet covers all 12 numbers in any row.

G). Dozens Bet - Pays 1/2. A Dozens bet covers 1-12, 13 - 24 & 25 - 36. Like a row bet it covers 12 numbers.

H). Evens Bet - Pays 1/1. An Evens bet consists of Red/Black or 1-18 & 19-36. Each bet is covering half the board of available numbers.

Thats pretty much how you play roulette online. There is not much more too it. You place your chips upon the table, the wheel spins and depending on where the ball lands. You will then be paid out accordingly - Good Luck!.

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